Creating a digital campaign strategy

Before the campaign was even announced, Hillary's inner circle tapped thirteen23 to spearhead a digital strategy that would keep voters engaged throughout the presidential race.

001. Brief

Hillary needed a software solution that would ignite passion for her campaign, give users a front row seat on the campaign trail, and make it easy to share and grow her support.

002. Solution

We looked at the 24-hour nature of the election cycle and focused on easily digestible, daily bulletins that would track the campaign and surface the best content from the day.

003. Outcome

Before the rest of the world knew she was running, we had already developed a complete digital solution including mobile apps and an extensive push notifications strategy for Hillary's campaign.

Following a 24-hour election cycle

With presidential campaigns typically beginning more than a year in advance of the general election, we knew that news fatigue could quickly become a reality for many potential voters. We wanted to get users excited from the onset of the campaign and keep them engaged through short, daily bulletins that would tell the story as it unfolded, straight from the campaign trail.
New brand


During the design phase, we worked closely with the campaign to help implement and extend its brand, filling in the gaps to help establish its digital design language. We used a bright color palette and kept text and images large and bold to create a sense of friendliness and familiarity.


We created a series of modules that could be used for a variety of content types ranging from photo galleries and video content to blog posts and donation support. This extensible system allowed the applications to work with any type of content the campaign wanted to highlight.


Throughout the design and development process, we also looked for ways to incorporate custom animation elements into the software to add personality to common experiences like sharing and sign-up.


Recognizing Android’s growing market share, it was important that we give as much attention to Android as we did to iOS.
We took advantage of common Material Design patterns, updating menus and navigation, adjusting sharing, and arranging layouts in ways that would feel native to Android users.

Building a broader election experience

In addition to creating a set of mobile applications, we also looked for ways to engage voters during the election process without relying on them to open their phones and check an application every day.


We came up with a comprehensive push notification strategy designed to leverage interactive and media-rich notifications. With well-crafted, well-timed notifications, it’s possible to offer targeted messaging, suggest quick actions to take, or promote microstories without making users first open the app.


To increase engagement at live campaign events, we explored beacons and geolocation to give supporters access to location- and event-specific features. We wanted a way for event-goers to check-in, learn more about the issues, take specific actions, and connect with like supporters around them.

Creating on-the-go canvassing tools

As a companion to the iPhone application, we also explored the functionality of the Apple Watch, designing a fun, lightweight canvassing tool that would give volunteers the ability to quickly see neighborhood routes and track their completion.