Evolving art curation through technology

TWYLA offers a unique experience where artwork is located in real spaces and purchased in the digital space.

001. Brief

TWYLA engaged thirteen23 to design and build an innovative e-commerce platform in time for the company’s launch at Art Basel.

002. Solution

Our team created a complete digital experience for web, mobile, and TV, allowing art to be purchased where it's experienced.

003. Outcome

The website and mobile application made a splash at Art Basel, disrupting an industry that was struggling to break out of the traditional gallery model.

Bridging the divide

Our primary objective was to bridge the space between physical and digital environments to make buying art more natural and intuitive. To this end, it was important that our photography reflect the actual spaces where TWYLA’s art was being displayed.


One challenge to buying art is the disconnect between viewing a piece and purchasing it online. All of TWYLA’s prints are accompanied by a custom code, allowing anyone to quickly locate a piece online. TWYLA continues to explore the innovative use of smart codes, SMS, and GPS to aid in discovery.
Art codes

Art on screen

We took a thoughtful approach to Twyla’s web presence, considering the best ways to capture its collection on different screens. Browsing art was easy on larger screens; to capture the same experience on smaller devices, we designed a unique set of interactions to intuitively slide through photos.


TWYLA’s branding was bold, vibrant, and fresh, and they needed a digital presence to match. We kept the focus on the art with large, bright photography, subtle animation, and full-screen video elements.


Animation was an essential to creating an engaging experience and conveying wayfinding throughout the website and application.
Partnering with thirteen23 on our MVP enabled me to focus on building our internal team while ensuring that we delivered a functional MVP in time for Art Basel 2015.

Native iOS application

TWYLA’s native mobile application provided an opportunity to showcase the platform’s unique capabilities. To grab attention and attract interest at Art Basel, we went the extra mile, adding custom animations, smooth transitions, and effortless navigation.


We focused the browsing experience around fluid exploration and location awareness. Accessing artwork from your mobile phone allows you to quickly navigate to other pieces displayed near you.


Simplifying the buying experience was central to the project. We knew the checkout process needed to be available globally and easy to complete. We integrated time-saving logic within our checkout API, minimizing the steps to complete the process.

Apple TV

We also explored extending the digital experience to hotels and concierge services, allowing TWYLA’s customers to browse and purchase art across the globe. We kept the focus on photography, creating interaction patterns that could be navigated easily with a remote.