We partner with teams to create thoughtful solutions that drive innovation

thirteen23 is a digital product studio focused on applying human-centered design and technology to create products and services that advance the business goals of our client partners.

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We combine design and technology to deliver work that is functional, beautiful, and transformative

Every program and need is unique, but our partnerships are consistently guided by the same key themes.


We like to start each project with an immersion and discovery phase where we learn about target users, the competitive landscape, and business objectives to help inform our design solutions.


No two asks are the same. As a result, we take an agile approach to program management, valuing partner collaboration, customer satisfaction, and meaningful iteration over strict processes and tools.


Our teams focus deeply on the human need behind the work we’re doing. Our work is driven by research and real customer insights to ensure we’re delivering what people need.


We’re dedicated to shaping the future of technology. Through the work we do, we look for opportunities to push limitations and explore new potential solutions to complex problems.

A collage of the UI showing Wichita inventory levels, a map, and a photo of a ship

Providing brand identity, product design, and a scalable MVP, we partnered with 2DA Analytics to help the company secure a major client in the oil and gas industry.

A collage of a design language system and cards pulled from that DLS

We teamed up with Honeywell to create a global design language for its digital portfolio. An international corporation with multiple business units, Honeywell needed a well-documented and extensible system to ensure consistency across its organization.

collage of KPI dashboard and photo of child at school
the holdsworth center

Setting our sights on a brighter future for K-12 Texas public education, we partnered with Holdsworth Center to provide research, analytics, and data visualization tracking their KPIs.

Dell slider graphic with collage of illustrations, a hand holding a phone, and a man at a computer

Through storyboards, UX toolkits, and interaction frameworks, we took a closer look at product interoperability at Dell. Together, our teams took key interaction moments apart to better understand the relationship between people and technology.

A collage of a VR capture booth, a landscape chart, and some metrics from our project

Fueled by research and the growing scope of the VR and AR technologies, we worked with Sony to shape emerging product strategies and future technical implementation.

We partner with companies large and small who share our passion for creating thoughtful experiences. Interested in working together? We’d love to talk.

What we do

The work we do bridges digital and physical experience design, including product strategy, research, prototyping, and development. We draw from each to deliver impactful work that meets the unique needs of our partners.

Innovation strategy

We help our partners see potential, developing innovative design and technical strategies that meet current and future business and user needs.

User research and insights

We work with you to establish research plans, conduct research and validation remotely or in person, and synthesize findings into actionable insights and roadmaps.

Product and service design

Whether crafting design systems, creating full-scale products, or building new services, we take a detail-oriented, human-centered approach to design. We’re focused on creating real products rooted in the needs of real users.

Branding and identity

Our team is skilled at crafting engaging brand narratives and identities. We focus on telling compelling stories that engage audiences and build loyalty over time.

Advanced prototyping

From validating early ideas to exploring novel interaction patterns for voice, automotive, and on-screen devices, our design and technology teams are comfortable working across fidelities to prototype and test unique product concepts.

Software development

Our design and technology teams work closely together to create software solutions that work. From creating new products to working within existing systems and architectures, we offer both build and support solutions for every need.

You all are a driven, passionate team of complex problem solvers. I’m continually impressed by how methodical and thorough you are in the design process and creative work. And all the while you keep milestones and deliverables in check. Truly exemplary.

Robert Warden
Sr Business Design Lead
Bose Automotive

Get to know us

We’re a multidisciplinary team of product designers and technologists with a dedicated desire to shape the future (and enjoying ourselves while doing it).

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