Designing for health and longevity


Designing for health and longevity





Starting this week, the streets of downtown Austin will be filled with high-tech attendees for this year's SXSW Interactive. And while conversations will likely ping-pong between AI, spatial computing, and Apple's Vision Pro—we can't wait for the public sightings—we've been focused on health and longevity.

Whether it's helping to design quieter technologies or providing more personalized and holistic care, we've been busy creating solutions where technology takes a back seat.

Late last year, we explored inclusive and assistive technologies powered by machine learning. More recently, we've been focused on aging adults and in-home care.

A collage of 6 photos, including a high-contrast painted bathroom, a video call on an Amazon Echo Show, Apple Vision Pro, Jibo, and a Nobi light fixture.

The science of longevity

We've been fortunate to work with more than one prominent thinker focused on both inclusive design and the science of longevity.

One such individual is Ray Kurzweil, Principal Researcher and Visionary at Google, who continues to attract attention. A futurist, inventor, and author, Ray is a pioneer in pattern recognition and assistive technologies.

We first worked with Ray in 2010 on the first accessible e-reader for the blind. But Ray is also an outspoken advocate of AI and advances in medicine. So much so that he predicts that one day we will achieve immortality! And while that may seem far-fetched, it's clear that AI will revolutionize healthcare.

While we can’t share too much of our work in these areas, below are a few of our thoughts on designing for longevity.

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