Designing in the age of intelligence


Designing in the age of intelligence





There is no denying it. The world is abuzz with talk of AI. Inboxes are overflowing with articles and newsletters about the coming revolution that will disrupt the creative industry. At this year's SXSW, AI dominated the scene, with talk of generative AI both accelerating human creativity and commoditizing design.

Far from being replaced by bots, our takeaway is that there is an incredible opportunity to discover new ways of working, new tools, new efficiencies, and yes, automation in our approach to design.

AI will allow us to spend less time on repetitive tasks and tactical creation, and more time on the strategy behind our designs. From writing tools like FigGPT, that take us beyond Lorem Ipsum in Figma, to Adobe Sensei that provides algorithmic palettes and font pairings, to video editors like Runway, there's no shortage of new tools for inspiration. Similarly, on the development side, we're exploring ChatGPT plugins, Github's Copilot, and even AutoGPT.

But all this is just the beginning. Adobe Firefly and new offerings from startups like Magify Design, Diagram, and Uizard point to a bold new future where we'll be working with and building software that learns, designs, and iterates on its own to deliver hyper-personalized experiences in real time.

In the studio, we’re experimenting with prompts and custom models, expanding visual concepts on projects while also creating a dizzying amount of artwork in Midjourney. Generated pieces stream throughout the day to our Samsung Frame, whose art-like display lends itself well to the rapid exploration of AI.

a photo of a bird on a flower next to a black and white drawing of a boat at sea

While these technologies promise to improve our workflow, they will also challenge us to adapt and rethink our role in design. We look forward to sharing more as we explore this rapidly evolving field.

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In addition to AI, we’re focused on other emerging technologies, including immersive environments, NeRFs, and AR. Recently, we partnered with Sony's R&D team to help define use cases and potential markets for their volumetric capture system and spatial displays. Check out our case study to learn more about our work with Sony Japan.

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